• How to install wafer check valve

          1. First, the priority among priorities, make sure the opening direction is in line with the the flow direction when you put your WAFER check valve in place.   2. Put them in vertical pipelines and, for horizontal pipelines, install check valves vertically.   3. Use a expand...
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  • What are the advantages of stainless steel globe valves? What is the market outlook?

    Stainless steel globe valve is a stop valve, the specific stainless steel material has CF8(304), CF3(304L), CF8M(316), CF3M(316L), the choice of different materials, can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and other media. Stainless steel globe valve...
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  • Choosing the perfect check valve

    A check valve for water applications requires as much considerations as you would collect in any other valve selection. Same as various other media, water has its own unique features curve that should be accommodated to the valve for specific use in those media. Of course, this is an simple matte...
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  • ball valve

    Just like there are different advantages between lug or wafer type butterfly valves, 2 piece type and 3 piece type ball valves also have their edges. What below are some of the important factors when considering choices between the two types.   1. Design 2. End connections 3. Installation 4....
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  • The properties of ball valves

    Ball valves and butterfly valves are the two most common types of rotary valves. It only need a quarter-turn to turn on or turn off both valves. However, there are certain functions where a ball valve is better than a butterfly valve.   First of all, ball valve provides a perfect seal. When ...
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  • The triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valve

      The triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valvehas played a very important role in the petrochemical industry. The triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valve can accurately break off the working condition when the system fails, greatly preventing worse consequences. Secondly, the triple ecc...
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  • The Working Characteristics of Different Check Valves

    Check valve is a valve that its opening and closing part relies on the medium flow and force to move, precluding the backflow of the medium. As one of automatic valves, check valve mainly used for one-way flow of media on the pipeline, allowing the media to flow in one direction only. The fluid ...
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  • To Know The Valves

    To Know The Valves

    Gate valve series The opening and closing part of the gate valve is the gate plate, and the movement direction of the gate plate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve is used as cut-...
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  • Status and development

    Status and development

    Ningbo Runwell valve co.,ltd is committed to the research and development and manufacture of high-quality industrial valves. Now it has formed a complete industrial chain consisting of valve R&D design, valve body precision casting, product machine production, all-ro...
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  • Spring-type safety valve structure principle, failure, installation points analysis

    Spring-type safety valve structure principle, failure, installation points analysis

    Fault analysis of spring type safety valve Spring-type safety valve, is to rely on the elastic pressure of the spring and the valve or the plunger and other sealing parts of the valve lock, once when the pressure of the pressure vessel is abnormal after the high pressure will overcome the pressu...
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  • Common metal seal ball valve fault analysis and solution

    Common metal seal ball valve fault analysis and solution

    Metal seal ball valve in the use of working conditions than resilient seal ball valve is much more stringent, high temperature, strong corrosion and dust, particles, mud and other media on the continuous use of hard seal ball valve caused considerable obstacles. In the use process of metal seal b...
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